St. Joseph School eBay Endowment Program


We are excited about a new program that has just started to raise funds for both St. Joseph and Our Lady of Lourdes schools. It’s called the St. Joseph School eBay Endowment.


We will be able to raise funds 2 ways:


The first way is by using eBay.  Anyone can sell an item on eBay and donate 100% of its final sales price to the St. Joseph School Endowment Program.


Just go to the eBay Giving Works website and follow the instructions on the attachment (on back of this page)


That’s all it is to it!  What a wonderful way to raise money for our schools!!!


Go around the house and find those items to sell and donate to the St. JosephSchool eBay Endowment Program.


Secondly, if you are not able to sell the items yourself or do not have access to a computer, then bring your items to St. Joseph School on

VFW Road

and we will sell it.


Everyone should have a few items around the house they would like to donate. This program will be ongoing daily and will be incorporated as a training tool for our students to learn how to set up and run a successful business. So please tell your friends also!!


Items may include jewelry, electronics, video games, silver, collectibles, clothing, or anything of value.  Please make sure items are clean and ready to sell.





Go to eBay Giving Works website:


Sign In

Select Sellers

eBay Giving Works for Sellers

Select Sell now


·                                 List your item for sale

·                                 Very Important, Select Customize Your Listing

·                                 Click Start Selling

Create Your Listing

Follow the instructions to:

·                                 Choose how you’d like to sell your item

·                                 Select Add or Remove Options

·                                 Select donate % of sale

·                                 Click save

·                                 Select a new non profit

·                                 Type in St. Joseph School Endowment

·                                 Select state: Ms

·                                 Select search

·                                  Select St. Joseph School Endowment


Simply follow the instructions from here